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Our Services

We develop cordial relationships with our Clients to put us in a position to recognize their requirements and priorities. Integrity and ethics are our core values. We endeavor to ensure that we remain true to our Mission, so that the trust we develop with our Client is sustained and not compromised in any way.

Our aim is to be the provider of choice for quality property management, property development and property advisory services.

To achieve these objectives we develop close relationships with our Clients, seeking to understand their needs and priorities in order to provide technically sound and economical solutions to their property needs.

We specialised in these following area services (Click for Details):

Agency Services : Our agency department undertakes the sale, purchase, letting and leasing of residential, commercial and industrial properties. With the firm's increasing clientele and networking, we easily handle all our sales, purchases and letting transactions with expertise and vast experience to ensures that the best terms and conditions are obtained for our clients.
We offer expert advice on finding, buying, marketing, selling and investing in residential, commercial, industrial properties of every description -- from flats, houses and luxury apartments to large estates, farms and industrial complexes.
As a firm, we boast of well tested, proven and experienced hands that are vast and knowledgeable in sales of varieties of properties in diverse locations all through the federation of Nigeria.
Our letting and leasing activities are targeted towards meeting the accommodation needs of; Expatriates High net-worth individuals Corporate and multinational organizations We have a list of good and suitable Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties located in various neighborhoods from which you can make a choice.

Property & Facility Management : At Asgaf Realtors, we provide excellent services in the management of property of all types ranging from single family dwelling structures to vast residential estates and high-rise commercial buildings. The management services cover securing worthy tenants, management of tenancies, rent collection, service charge administration, property maintenance, and offers professional advice on property insurance, facility management etc.
Our facility managers assist clients in deploring strategies that best suit their long-term objectives for assets and facilities by setting performance target, prioritizing risk, forecasting cost and cost uncertainties.
We adopt asset management strategies , and ensure consistency with the clients' strategic directions, key targets, and balanced scorecards. Our firm, with her crew of experienced management team always avail our professional services to ensure that the objectives in real estate development are realised.
Collection of rents and other cheques and prompt payment to the landlord including submission of bi-annual statement income and expenditure.
Dealing with re-letting and ensuring through liaison with the Landlord's Solicitors, that all leases, tenancies, et cetera, are properly documented and that necessary consents are obtained.
Regular inspection of property to ensure that they comply with their repair and maintenance covenants, including assessing and negotiating dilapidation's -- the responsibility of tenants.
Dealing with rates and ensuring prompt payment by those liable either by contract or by law.
The arrangement for supervision of all necessary repairs and maintenance works including service contracts and the employment of estate staff.
Regular review of the potentials of the property.
Administration and control of estate staff in conjunction with the landlord, thus ensuring that not only are they responsive to us as managing agents but also to the appropriate agents that you appoint who may draw their attention to lapses if and when the occasion demands.

Real Estate Consultancy: Our real estate advisory services help owners and investors to develop and prepare their real estate projects for financing and raise debt and equity financing for development. In this line of business, we act in dual roles of advisers and principals.
Real estate is a complex venture requiring specialist knowledge, multidisciplinary skills and demonstrated experience. Underestimating this complexity has often resulted in huge financial losses, unrealised dreams and, in some cases, total loss of investment among other consequences.
Individuals and corporations aspiring to invest in real estate can have their positions significantly enhanced for success by securing sound advisory services.

Title Search & Documentation: At Asgaf Realtors, we can assist you to carry out land searches and verify house papers, titles and other relevant documents to avert any case of fraud of which real estate transactions is known for in this part of the world.
Whatever you are buying, it is important you verify claims of the seller from relevant government agencies and authorities, so you can be guaranteed peace of mind after purchasing your property. Speak with us to see how we can help.
We can as well help to to perfect you document for any Landed properties you buy be it survey plan, Deed of Assignment, Contract of Sales, acquiring Governor's Consent.

Project Valuation & Appraisal: Valuation involves the determination of the value or worth of an interest in property for a particular purpose at a particular time. It is necessary to carry out periodic revaluation of assets/ properties due to sporadic increase in prices occasioned by the unstable exchange rate.
Our valuation practice and expertise have been built on the domestic and international standards. Our valuation department is strongly backed by an effective research unit, which was put in place to constantly take advantage of new developments in valuation practice around the world. This strategy thus positions us better to consistently deliver quality services to meet our clients' needs.
We undertake with high competence, valuations of plants and machineries, industrial assets, commercial, agricultural and residential properties for various purposes which could vary from insurance valuation to mortgage, share flotation, loan syndication, and balance sheet.

Project Supervision &Development: Our real estate development department engage in acquisition of suitable sites for new development, existing properties for redevelopment, and rehabilitation of old properties to meet current functional requirements and contemporary appeal.
We have skilled and experienced professionals and artisans that are capable of undertaking residential and commercial property schemes.